How to order prescription glasses online:

It is not that difficult buying glasses online. Browse our extensive selection of designer eye wear frames. Buying eyeglasses online from Modern Eyes is just as simple as making any other online purchase.

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How do I go about buying prescripton glasses online ?

Some people buy prescription glasses from online merchants. It is not that much different than purchasing from an optical store, and online-ordered glasses can accommodate almost any prescription and improve your vision.

How to order glasses online that fit you well ?

Your glasses should be a comfortable fit for your face and offer crystal-clear vision. The default "medium" width works well for many individuals. For now, don't worry too much about the details. You can choose a wider or narrower frame depending on what you believe would suit your face the best.

When you shop and look for frames online, narrow down your options by having a general notion of what size eyeglasses you desire and what glasses for face shapes are available.

What do you need to order glasses online from us or any other store ?

To order glasses online, you’ll need an up-to-date prescription from your optometrist and a couple of measurements that you should have handy when you order your glasses online.

What measurement do you need

1) PD or pupillary distance

2) Segment Height if you are ordering Progressives or Bifocal Lenses

Pupilary Distance:

Have your pupillary distance and the measurements of your current frames on hand when ordering glasses online.

The measurement of your pupils' distance from one another, known as the pupillary distance, might help you center your glasses on your face. As show in the pupillary distance page, use a ruler, you may quickly and simply measure your pupillary distance right at home.

You can also check the dimensions of the glasses you already wear. Look at the inside of the glasses temple. You’ll see three numbers printed that represent the width of each lens, the length of the arm, and the distance between the lenses (the nose bridge). These dimensions are all given in millimeters.

How to easily buy glasses online: There are four easy steps

We’ve got designed step-by-step instructions to take the guesswork out and make placing your order easy.

Step One: Choose your frame shape

Use one of our partners when purchasing and trying on frames

Choose your frames first. This part is an exercise in personal taste and style. Please note that buying glasses online can be a pleasant experience and is more a matter of personal taste.

First, think about what kind of glasses you'd like to wear. Do you prefer full-frame, semi-rimless, or rimless glasses? Do you like metal or acetate frames more? Check our partner’s " Eyes of Faith " frames selection.

Next, you should consider what styles and shapes of glasses appeal to you. Do you like the trendy cat-eye glasses? Or Round, bohemian glasses? Or Stately rectangular glasses? Do you want to try new, bold geometric shapes or stay with the classics?

You can try glasses on at home with our virtual try-on to test whether you like how the frames fit your face.

Step Two: Add your prescription to the lenses (As given by an Optometrist)

The next step is to customize your lenses to your individual requirements using your prescription. Select the lens need from single vision, progressive, or non-prescription. Then, add your prescription values. They should look like this: Prescription Eye Numbers Sample

Step Three: Choose lenses and additional lens treatments

Your glasses' appearance is significant, but their usefulness is more vital. Your enjoyment of your perfect pair of eyeglasses can depend on the caliber and features of your lenses. Select your lens type from clear to authentic lenses for Ray-Ban and Oakley, to blue light and light responsive. Then choose your lens thickness and any additional treatments like anti-reflective and anti-smudge to enhance lens performance.

Step Four: Place your order

Call us to place your order. Check all the values again to ensure you're ordering the right frame, lenses, treatments, etc. Once you have submitted your preferred form of payment and shipping information, complete your eyeglasses purchase. From that point on, we take care of everything!

Your eyeglasses will be delivered to your door directly from the shop.