Stricter control of buses

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According to the transport authorities, it is said that from August, about 25, 900 transporters will be evaluated by the National Transit Agency, ANT. Meanwhile, the Transit Commission of Ecuador, CTE, will make the controls between Cuenca and Loja much stricter.

These measures taken by the authorities are meant to see if it is possible to reduce accidents on the roads around the province. Accidents, sometimes, are caused by interprovincial transport vehicles, one of which was involved in the last accident that left a balance of 12 dead and 30 injured.

The bus that crashed on Sunday with Barcelona fans on the Cuenca-Molleturo route did not have permission to make that trip, authorities say. That meant that he could not travel outside of Guayas, as it had not been reviewed or properly authorized, before leaving for the sinister trip. The bus did not leave the terminal proper, said the head of the ANT in Azuay, Priscila Alvarado.

Nor has it been clarified how he dodged and went through the controls of the Transit Commission of Ecuador, CTE. Mr. Edison Moscoso, director of the entity in Azuay, maintains that his authorized controlers (vigilantes, a term meant to be understood as transit policemen) do not know if the bus entered the Basin-Molleturo.

Some buses were returned because they do not have permits

The bus involved in the fatal accident was not the only bus that made transfers of fans. It is said that about 20 buses transported fans from the coast to Cuenca. Mr. Moscoso indicates that 10 more buses were returned from Tamarindo to Guayaquil because they did not have the respective permits to make the trip.

Mr. Moscoso also noted that all reports about what happened were sent to the Office of the Prosecutor, to establish criminal responsibilities.

However, while these reports and or responsibilities arrive, the controls have intensified to the point that the buses that will carry fans from Deportivo Cuenca to Guayaquil will be guarded by two patrol vehicles of the CTE, one at each end of the caravan.

Although the national government requested the increase of radars, unfortunately, this measure is not planned for Azuay, due to the fact that the number of this type of controls increased from nine to 45 in the last year, reported Mr. Moscoso.