Aepyornis, the Elephant Bird whose last specimen died only about 300 years ago

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The Elephant Bird that died recently, only about 300 years ago.

According to this “bird is about an extinct species of elephant bird, which populated Madagascar during the Quaternary.”

However, this does not explain the reality of the active truth.

Evolutionists quantify the epoch of the Quaternary as the last Cenozoic period that began 2.59 million years ago and comprises to this day.

For example, Wikipedia describes the taxa of Aepyornithidae, the Elephant Birds, as part of “The late Quaternary prehistoric birds, which are avian taxa that became extinct during the Late Quaternary – the Holocene or Late Pleistocene – and before the recorded history, or more precisely, before they could be studied alive by ornithological science. “

Aepyornis, the Elephant Bird (Wikimedia Commons).


When one speaks of the periods of the Holocene or the late Pleistocene, it would make one think that it is millions of years ago and not a recent time.

But, then Wikipedia rectifies, and says:

“They were extinguished before the period of global scientific exploration that began at the end of the 15th century.”

Later Wikipedia itself says the following: “They became extinct, perhaps around 1000-1200 AD., For reasons that are not clear, although the cause is human activity.”

In other words these giant birds lived until recently. And maybe 300 years ago as this writing shows it later.

The previous definitions made by and Wikipedia, would make anyone think that these birds would have lived millions of years ago.

However, that is not the reality, since according to scientists of very good reputation, and to the portal ThoughtCo., These birds only succumbed and died only 300 years ago.

Evolutionists want us to think that these birds lived before humans lived on Earth, millions of years ago.

The reality, is another, and not, as we want to think about the Uniformitarianists or evolutionists.

Aepyornis, the Elephant Bird (Wikimedia Commons).
Aepyornis, the Elephant Bird (Wikimedia Commons). Aepyornis, The Elephant Bird.

“The island of Madagascar is much larger than the chain of islands in New Zealand, but that did not make life easier for its large birds, which do not fly.

The Bird Show Aepyornis, the Elephant Bird or Elephant Bird, which is said to be a colossus of 10 meters high and 500 pounds.

Others describe this giant bird with a weight of up to 800 kilos.

But the reality is that no one really knows what the physical structure of this great animal was. (500 pounds or 800 kilos, how much did they really weigh?) Nobody knows. Everything is a riddle.

But, in any case it is said that this giant bird was hunted to extinction by human settlers (the last specimen died about 300 years ago), but also succumbed to diseases transmitted by rats.

It is said that by the way, “Aepyornis did not get his nickname because it was as big as an elephant, but because, according to the local myth, it was big enough to take an elephant baby.”

Animals, just like man, did not come to Earth except a few thousand years ago. Approximately 6,000 years ago and nothing more.

Similarly, dinosaurs lived with man recently. Read fresh DNA in newly discovered dinosaurs. They are not millions of years old.

An old Hawaiian Village. Not a picture of human early ancestors.
An old Hawaiian Village. Not a picture of human early ancestors.



The Elephant Bird.

Elephant Bird,