The only Handicap comes from the heart

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Guayaquil (Guayas). – Today, 25 young people and adults beneficiaries of the programs offered by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) participated in the motivational talk ‘Without Limits’ provided by Victoria Salcedo, who at the age Five years ago he suffered an accident in which he lost three limbs.

The opportunity to help, from her experience, is what strengthens Victoria, who after this event was left with her dreams intact and a proactive attitude towards life. “I’ve always had good and bad days, like everyone else. I am a human being like any other, but when I feel I can not go on I remember my past and that has made me overcome my challenges, “he said.

During her conference, this courageous young woman received the visit of President Lenin Moreno, who highlighted her tenacity to get ahead. “Without a doubt you are an example of life. There are your freedoms and successes. I come to congratulate you for everything you achieve for all the people of the world, “said the President.

Also, the Governor recalled the work that has been done for 10 years for the inclusion of people with disabilities, through the program ‘Manuela Espejo’, with which “we demonstrate that dreams are to make them come true regardless of the difficulties”, he pointed

“There are no disabilities, the only true disability is that of the soul or the spirit. People who do not accept others, who do not accept diversity as something wonderful, these people are sick of the soul, they do have terrible disabilities, which are difficult to overcome and we must help do so, “said the President.

Currently, Victoria is 22 years old, studying journalism at the Metropolitan University and sharing her life experience, showing that a misfortune has not prevented her from achieving her goals, as a clear testimony of perseverance and love for life.

The National Government, taking into account the needs of Victoria, through the MSP has given him prostheses for one of his arms two weeks ago and, soon, will give him a prosthesis for the leg. In the same way, the entity integrated it to provide its professional services in the area of ​​Human Talent in the MIES. WMC / The Citizen.

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