Ministry of “Justice”, Rosana Alvarado quits

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According to reliable sources, Rosana Alvarado presented today, August 23, 2018, her resignation from her position and she will not be part of the transition of the Ministry of Justice with the Ministry of the Interior.

This process was developed after the announcement of the economic measures presented yesterday by President Lenin Moreno in which a multidude of apparent government inutilities were eliminated.

The up to know, unpopular minister, Rosana Alvarado said at a press conference that “she will not occupy another position in the Government and that it will be the decision of the Executive to designate who will be in charge of the transition”.

According to, a portal criticizing the minister and the previous government of Correa, the Portal had asked the following question:  And now with what excuse is Rosana Alvarado in office? said about Rosana Alvarado the following: “The damage caused by Alvarado and the Prosecutor’s Office to Córdova (a falsely accused citizen who owns Cedatos the poll taking company) and Cedatos could lead to a legal action to repair damages, in fact, Cordova and his lawyers analyze the possibility of initiating a cause for “judicial error” against the Prosecutor’s Office, in which Minister Alvarado is also a party. “

Alvarado was put there, previously by the so-called corrupt government of Rafael Correa before his departure. Correa is now in line to land in jail on various charges against him, including kidnapping and handling money from the state in the form of corruption. The interpol already has an arrest warrant against the infamous ex-president.

Correa, currently a fugitive from justice in Ecuador, and living in Belgium, is expecting another trial for attacking another Ecuadorian, and for lying to the Belgian police. Charges against him include illegal and un-authorized use of bodyguards in Belgium. The trial in Belgium is said to begin one or two weeks.

According to the Porta,, “Correa could end up before a Criminal Court in Belgium.”

Sources indicate that Alvarado was a loyal follower of Correa’s and the country’s ministry of “justice” management.