Manabita (from Manta) dishes are her Specialty

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August 15, 2018

Banana is the star ingredient of the Prieta Manaba business, located in El Carmen (Manabí). This restaurant specialized in Monastic Manabitas breakfasts such as bolón, tigrillo, perico rice, tongas, among others. Kelly Zambrano, 25, is the owner.

She recalls that the business was born by chance in Guayaquil while studying commerce and doing internships in a company. Green banana, brown salt and cheese, that her parents sent her from El Carmen, she prepared bolones (banana rolled spheres) and shared them with her coworkers.

Then, they gave him the idea of ​​selling them. “They told me they were very delicious and that they would pay for a bolon of mine.” That’s why she started making them to order and promoting them on social networks. Then, the classmates from the university also placed orders.

The manabita entrepreneur remembers that there were days when he had to deliver up to 40 bolones. Even companies began hiring her to make refreshments for meetings. From there, the idea of ​​making mini buns and delivering breakfasts was born.

After a year, he was presented with the opportunity to offer breakfasts in a restaurant. “In the morning I would sell breakfasts and in the afternoon a friend would go to lunch”. When the business had taken off in Guayaquil and already had orders of up to 150 bolons, a family tragedy made her return to El Carmen in February 2017.

Her brother David died and she had to support her parents France Delvalle and Kléber Zambrano. At first dhe helped her mother at the Rey David restaurant, which has a history of more than 20 years. But the desire to undertake returned and decided to return to prepare bolones. So he created the Prieta Manaba brand and started making home deliveries in El Carmen. Then he implemented the surprise breakfast service at home, which includes typical Manabitas dishes, but with decorations such as balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, among others. Also, in the morning he opened a cafeteria in the Rey David family restaurant.

Every day he prepares around 50 breakfasts. She affirms that her dishes have been welcomed by the added values, which she has added. For example, the mini bowls are accompanied by a cheese sauce, with a touch of aromatic spices and garlic. It also offers the bolón triplemix, which inside have cheese, pork rinds and peanuts. Zambrano points out that the love for the banana was born when she was a child and saw her father Kléber Zambrano work on the crops and then pack the fruit in a cellar in his home.

Originally in school, she chose Foreign Trade studies to be able to add value to her business. “I dream of one day being able to export banana bolones”. Zambrano points out that plantain and manabita gastronomy have always been part of her life. Her grandmother and her mother prepared these recipes since she was little and they taught her some culinary secrets.

Currently, he is studying gastronomy to create new dishes and expand the menu of Prieta Manaba. Although he confesses that the greatest teaching is received daily from his mother France. She supervises the bolón so that everyone has the soft dough and the indicated size. “Making bolones has its secrets and technique. My mom is my motivation to do things with dedication and love. “

Together with her, she learned to make the manabitas tongas, which is a typical dish that women used to make for their husbands to take their lunch to the country. To protect it so it would not damage, they wrapped it in a banana leaf. This Manabi dish – made up of rice, chicken, peanuts and ripe plantain – has allowed Zambrano to participate in exhibition fairs and sporting events such as Manabí by bike.

Cyclist Jefferson Bravo affirms that the tongues and breakfasts of Prieta Manaba preserve the traditional flavor of Manabi.

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