Cynthia Viteri -Mayor Candidate- “I am not Nebot “

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On the afternoon of August 15, members of the Madera de Guerrero political movement officially presented their candidate for the new mayor’s chair in Guayaquil, on the Malecon 2000.

Cynthia Viteri made clear the fact that she is not the same as Nebot, that she is her own person. Neverthelss,  she said that she is the right person to follow the management that the Alcade of Guayaquil will leave in a few months. “I’m not Jaime Nebot, I’m the one who will succeed Jaime Nebot in the mayor’s office in Guayaquil,” he emphasized energetically.

I am going to “Protect families and increase what has already been achieved”. I will do this by trying to win a sectional election in 2019. Viteri also said, “Leon created the way, Nebot overcame it, and I’ll finish and do what it takes.”

Jaime Nebot also took to the platform and offered his words of support to Cynthia and said that despite the repeated phrases that “Cynthia is not Nebot”, Nebot said, Viteri is ready for the job. He also stressed that it is necessary to maintain the challenge of preserving what has been achieved in all these years that he has been Mayor. In this statement, both agreed on their goals.