Colombia stops transfer of wounded of Papallacta accident

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Ecuadorian authorities must first authorize the transfer of those injured in the bus accident in Ecuador that left more than 20 people dead and 22 injured.

Colombian government decided to suspend the transfer of the wounded to Colombia, and not send their Air Force plane to Quito in order to bring the wounded from Ecuador to Colombia. The reason is due to the fact that the bus whose accident caused the death of Ecuador 23 people and 22 wounded was found to have packages of drugs with more than half a ton, the authorities warned.

The decision is due to investigations that ended with the discovery of a large amount of marijuana.
The Colombian authorities will only restart repatriation once the authorizations have been obtained from the corresponding authorities in Ecuador.

According to the Ecuadorian authorities, the bus found more than half a ton of marijuana hidden among the cans of the bus, in a false floor.

In the accident, which occurred on the road between Quito and Papallacta, unfortunately 23 people died, of which 21 have already been identified, among these people consist 15 Colombian citizens, four Venezuelans and two Ecuadorians.

Vea el video de la Policia cuando encontraron la droga. (Cortesia de la Policia del Ecuador.)

See video showing how the Ecuadorian Police found the drug hidden in the bus.

The Police is interrogating one of the persons who survived the accident in order to find more details regarding this finding. The Police is keeping close contact with the Colombian Police.

“Se investiga a uno de los conductores sobrevivientes a fin de recabar información que permita esclarecer este hecho, para lo cual se mantiene un nexo permanente con @PoliciaColombia. Continuaremos con las investigaciones en coordinación con .