Bus in Papallacta accident was transporting 580 blocks of drugs

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Drug was transported from Colombia to Ecuador

Ecuadorian authorities found a total of 580 packages of marijuana type named “crepy”. This was what was found inside the rugged hidden structure of the bus which had four compartments arranged on the floor of the bus that belongs to a company in Colombia named Cootrans.

The bus that belongs to this company is the one that caused, at dawn last Tuesday, the traffic accident on the Pifo-Papallacta road in which 24 people died and another 22 were injured.

At about 03:00 this morning, the drug count was completed by anti-police agents of the Police and coordinated by a prosecutor from Pichincha.

Yesterday Juéves [Thursday], at 17:00 it is said that the anti-narcotics teams returned to the vehicle retention yards located in Calderón, north of Quito, to carry out a more in-depth study of the remains that remained of the bus of Colombian license plates USA-251 .

It is presumed that each package of drugs on the bus would contain approximately one kilo, or about two pounds of marijuana being trasnported from Colombia, the adjacent country.

Last night, General Carlos Alulema, National Director of the Anti-Narcotics Police, explained that the compartments where the drug was being transported were so well hidden and they were stuck to the structure of the bus that in a routine control and at first sight it was very difficult to locate them.