Bus in accident in Papallacta transported drugs in its interior

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According to responsible sources, the Anti-Narcotics Directorate found drugs


inside the bus, from the Colombian city of Cali, which crashed on the Papallacta-Pifo road on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. A report of such findings was confirmed by police agents.

The detection was made through trained dogs, which alerted the presence of the illegal substance between the twisted metal of the vehicle, now held in a police vehicular patio, in Calderón, in the north of Quito.

Today, Thursday August 16, 2018, the Unit Against Internal Traffic made an inspection and determined to break a part of the body and took a sample of the hidden packages.

Agents learned that the substance was marijuana of the type ‘Cripy’ name or kind. The exact amount of the cargo is still unknown, as the agents and the Office of the Prosecutor have not come to an exact conclusion. It is presumed that these packages would be hidden and secured on the floor of the vehicle.

According to the investigations regarding the route the bus made, this bus departed from Cali and entered Ecuador through Sucumbíos. The destination was to reach Ecuadorian beaches and go down to Peru. In the accident on Tuesday, 23 people died. The ultimate destination of the drug has not been disclosed.