Ecuador EXA Space Agency comes to an end

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EXA. Agencia Espaciál del Ecuador, eliminated- August 22, 2018

The announcement by President Moreno, yesterday, about certain economic measures finally was not a paquetazo or an increase in taxes, as had been said. According to many, this was finally a recognition of the calamitous state in which ex-president Correa left the country, and the state of the Ecuadorian economy. It is said that Correa left Ecuador with a debt of about $ 60,000 million dollars.

In July 2012, when the government of Correa inherited the luxury of high oil prices, the so-called Ecuadorian miracle, the former president Rafael Correa, in the midst of his grab for power, wanted Ecuadorians to think that the country was even competing with Russia, the United States and China in the space race. And thanks to his efforts, he decided to create by decree the Ecuadorian Space Institute, AXE.

A few months later, the government announced with great fanfare the incredible placing in orbit of the first satellite made in Ecuador with the cooperation of the Civil Space Program of the EXA project.

“With the endorsement of the Ministry of National Defense, several missions were carried out in this field, some of them unpublished, setting development guidelines that are highly valued internationally, such as experiments and physical and physiological records in zero gravity environments.

So said a statement from the Ecuadorian Space Institute. Yesterday, through a recorded national chain in which President Lenin Moreno intervened, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Eduardo Jurado, and the Minister of Economy, Richard Martinez made the announcement that, finally, the Ecuadorian Space Institute would be totally eliminated.

At the beginning, during the launching of the satellite, which had become a political statement, more than scientific feat, all this was preceded by shouts of victory.

“Cameras were mounted at the ECU 911 station in La Puntilla, in the province of Guayas, to observe how the satellite took off from the Jiuquan cosmodrome in China, there were shouts of joy because again Ecuador was an example for the world. Correa and Ronnie Nader, Pegaso’s developer, arrived with NASA-style jackets with the logo of the Ecuadorian Space Agency, a group of Ecuadorians in China looking at the sky, wrapped in a tricolor flag.”

The Pegaso NEE-001 satellite, soon, exploded in space, causing the already failing fame of former president Correa, to degrade even more, causing him and his newly formed space agency complete embarrassment in the national and international sphere.

All this ended yesterday, Tuesday 21 August 2018, by the announcement of President Moreno.

The President broadcast: “The Ecuadorian Space Institute and the Secretariats of Internal Limits and Professional Qualifications will be eliminated.”

Among other things that were eliminated were the following

Public companies such as CNT, TAME, Correos del Ecuador will be merged and optimized, which will generate savings of $ 350 million.
1,000 vehicles will be sold from the State’s vehicle fleet.
Government will eliminate the payment of cellular fees to all ministers, undersecretaries, advisers and directors.
Security personnel will be removed from all ministers, except for those who have a high level of risk.

According to Juan Tilabombo of La Conversación magazine, “These were announcements that finally, put our feet on the ground.”

Logo of the Failed Space Agency