El Ciudadano.gov.ec – web portal is out of commission

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Monday, August 20, 2018
Quito –

The government news portal called El Ciudadano.gov.ec and the Andes News Agency no longer work on the Internet or on national television. The government took them out of the air completely.

El Ciudadano.gov.ecwas created in Correa’s regime of fiscal abuse and divulged only the official news that he wanted. It included a television channel, radio and a newspaper.

The current head of the Secretariat of Communication (Secom), Andrés Michelena, confirmed that El Ciudadano will no longer be broadcast on channel 48, and the frequency will be returned to the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency. If you try to access www.elciudadano.gob.ec, as well as the web channel www.elciudadano.gob.ec, the two already appear as “error” on the internet.

Maintaining this means of communication cost Correa’s regime around $ 2 million, said a government official.

Around 16 people who worked for the newspaper El Ciudadano. The television project will be “liquidated”, explained the authority, which clarified that only El Ciudadano radio will remain in force on dial 106.9 FM.

The network, the Andes portal (www.andes.info.ec) is now linked to that of the government newspaper El Telégrafo. About 17 people worked there, according to the Transparency portal of the Public Company of Public Media. The workers were relocated to another Digital Unit of the company.

Minister Michelena clarified that Andes does not belong to the Secretariat of Communication.